L. David Suits -LDS Geosynthetic Consulting Services

Representative Publications & Awards

Co-Author, January 1985, “The Effectiveness of Prefabricated Drains on the Laboratory Consolidation of Remolded Soils,” L.D. Suits, R. L Gemme, J. J. Masi, Committee D18 Symposium on Consolidation of Soils: Testing and Evaluation, Fort Lauderdale, FL, ASTM STP 892, R. N. Yong and F. C. Townsend, Eds. January 1985

Co-Author, June 1985, “Geotextiles and Drainage,” L. D. Suits & T. P Hoover: ASTM Committee D35 Symposium on Geotextile Testing and the Design Engineer, Los Angeles, CA, ASTM STP 952, Joseph E. Fluet, Jr. Ed., June 1985
Author, September 1986, “The Use of Geotextiles in Transportation Facilities, L. D. Suits: American Chemical Society “Hi-Tech Textiles” Symposium, Miami, FL, Sept. 1986

Author, Forward: Section 12, “Silt Fences,” L. D. Suits, “A Design Primer: Geotextiles and Related Materials,” Industrial Fabrics Association International, St. Paul, MN 1990

Author, January 1993, “Accelerated Testing of Geosynthetics,” L. D. Suits: ASTM Committee G3 Symposium on Accelerated and Outdoor Durability Testing of Organic Materials, ASTM STP 1202, Warren Katola and Douglas Grossman, Eds., Fort Lauderdale, FL., Jan. 1993

Author, February, 1994, Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology: 4th Edition -"Geotextiles": L. D. Suits. John Wiley & Sons, Publishers: New York, NY

Co-Editor, June 1995,  ASTM “STP 1281,  "Recent Developments in Geotextile Filters and Prefabricated Drainage Geocomposites,” Committee D35 Symposium by the Same Name, Denver, Co., June 1995, L. D. Suits, S. K. Bhatia, Eds.

Co-Editor, June 1999, “ASTM STP 1390, "Testing and Performance of Geosynthetics in Subsurface Drainage,” Symposium by the Same Name Co-sponsored by ASTM Committees D35 and D18, and TRB Committees on Subsurface Drainage, and Geosynthetics, L. D. Suits, J. B. Goddard, J. S. Baldwin, Eds. Seattle WA., June 1999

Author, "Transportation Related Geosynthetic Testing: Where Do we Go From Here," GRI 13 Conference, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. 1999; Editors; Robert Koerner, George Koerner, Grace Hsuan, Marilyn Ashley

Author - "Geosynthetic Research in the United States", L. D. Suits, FORUM Geosynthetics 2000, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, Feb., 2000

Author  - +Why AASHTO/NTPEP and Specification M-288 for Geotextiles", L. D. Suits, 18th Central Pennsylvania Geotechnical Conference, Hershey, PA, November, 2000

Author - "The Realities of Geosynthetic Standards Harmonization", L. David Suits; GRI 16 Conference, Philadelphia, PA, Dec 2002; Editors; Robert Koerner, George Koerner, Grace Hsuan, Marilyn Ashley

Co-author -  "The Realities of International Geosynthetics Standardization", L. D. Suits, R. Mackey, Sam Allen; presented in Seoul, South Korea, April 2003

Co-author - "Assessing Photo Degradation of Geosynthetics by Outdoor Exposure and Laboratory Weatherometers", L. D. Suits, Grace Hsuan; Geotextiles and Geomembranes 21 (2003)

Author - "20 Years of ASTM International Committee D35 on Geosynthetics", L. David Suits; Koener Research Symposium, Drexel University, Sept., 2004

Author - Geotextiles: From Design to Applications, Chapter 5: "Geosynthetic Testing Standards Development Organizations," L. David Suits; Dr. Robert Koerner, editor; Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles: No. 175, 2016

Author -" A Case Study: Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge Structure (GRS-IBS)", L David Suits; GeoChicago: Koerner Symposium; ASCE; Chicago, 2016

Author of 8 ASTM geosynthetic standards.
D4355 – Deterioration of Geotextiles by Exposure to Light, Moisture and Heat in a Xenon Arc Type Apparatus
D4759 – Determining Specification Conformance of Geosynthetics
D4355 – Sampling of Geosynthetics for Testing
D4751 – Determining the Apparent opening Size of a Geotextile
D5199 – Measuring the Nominal Thickness of Geosynthetics
D4491 – Determining the Water Permeability of Geotextiles by Permittivity Method
D6918 – Testing Vertical Strip Drains in the Crimped Condition
D7498 - Standard Test Method for Vertical Strip Drains Using a Large Scale Consolidation Test
Honors and Awards

New York State Employee Suggestion Award for X-Ray of Soils - 1976

ASTM 1986 Award of Merit for geotextile test standardization - 1st Recipient from Committee D35 -  Highest Award given to ASTM committee members - Title of Fellow

New York State Department of Transportation "Excellence in Engineering"
Award - 1991 - for work in geosynthetics

New York State Department of Transportation  "Award of Excellence" - 1995 - for work in the revision of AASHTO Specification M-288 on Geotextiles

Recognition by ASTM Committee D35 for 20 years participation as a founding member of the Committee – June 2004.

Member Emeritus of Transportation Research Board Committee on Geosynthetics – 2006

International Geosynthetics Society Achievement Award for work within the North American Geosynthetics Society – 2006

ASTM International Recognized Committee D18 on Soil and Rock  A. Ivan Johnson Award – 2013

ASTM International Recognized Committee D35 on Geosynthetics establishment of the L. David Suits Award – 2014 – First recipient

​Lobby Days - Fall 2016 with GMA


Completed - April 2017 - Co-taught NHI-FHWA 3 Day "Geosynthetics in Roadways Course" - FLDOT

Scheduled for August 2017 - Co-teaching three 1 day geosynthetic course sessions for the Cornell University Local Roads Program